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09/02/18              ABC News

Mollie Tibbetts' father: 'Don't distort her death to advance racist views'


09/01/18              NY Times            

For Families Split at Border, an Anguished Wait for Children’s Return





08/31/18              LA Times

El Salvador says three migrant children separated from their families were sexually abused at U.S. shelters


08/31/18              BUZZFLASH | Commentary

ICE -  Trump’s rogue anti-immigrant agency


08/31/18              Washington Post             

Still separated: Nearly 500 migrant children taken from their parents remain in U.S. custody


08/31/18              NY Times / AP   

Texas Won't Pay for Educating Kids in Migrant Shelters


08/30/18              Nogales International    

Faith leaders protest a Nogales Border Patrol Station


08/30/18              Washington Post             

U.S. is denying passports to Americans along the border, throwing their citizenship into question


08/30/18              Eloy Enterprise                 

Eloy served claim for toddler death after stay at Texas ICE facility


08/29/18              NY Times  | Opinion          

 Well, at Least Sheriff Joe Isn’t Going to Congress


08/28/18              San Diego Union-Tribune            

MLK III makes 'call to conscience' at border on 55th anniversary of 'I Have a Dream' speech


08/28/18              CNN      

Law firm alleges neglectful medical care after child dies weeks after ICE custody


08/27/18              MSNC | Rachel Maddow              

Hundreds may be orphaned by Trump admin's failure to reunite kids


08/27/18              HUFFPOST         

With Joe Arpaio in Arizona’s Senate Race, The ACLU Jumps Into A Federal Election


08/26/18              The Intercept   



08/26/18              Washington Post             

The Trump administration’s legacy of orphans


08/25/18              CNN      

Inside America’s hidden border


08/25/18              NY Times / AP   

No Love for Ankle Monitors on Captured Immigrants


08/24/18              NY Times            

‘Divided,’ Part 2: The Chaos of Reunification


08/24/18              CNN      

Hundreds of separated children not reunited amid slow progress



08/23/18              NPR   

Hundreds of Immigrant Detainees Held in Federal Prisons


08/23/18              NY Times / AP   

Judge Denies Trump Bid to Toss Married Immigrants' Lawsuit


08/23/18              Arizona Capitol Times    

State inspections show infractions at migrant shelters


08/23/18              NY Times / AP   

Complaint: US Officials Coerced Migrants to Sign Documents


08/23/18              Time     

Police Arrest 4 People Protesting ICE Outside Arizona Jail


08/23/18              Washington Post             

How many migrant children are still separated from their families?


08/23/18              NY Times            

Top C.E.O.s Denounce Trump Immigration Policy as Threat to U.S. Economy


08/22/18              The New Yorker               

Will Anyone in the Trump Administration Ever Be Held Accountable for the Zero-Tolerance Policy?


08/22/18              Washington Post             

30-year-old images show how little has changed in the plight of immigrants at the U.S.-Mexico border


08/21/18              NY Times            

Sanctuary City Hotline



Rampant abuse of migrant detainees will stain American history | Opinion


08/21/18              NY Times            

‘Divided,’ Part 1: How Family Separations Started


08/20/18              Vox      

  “Speaks perfect English”: Trump’s offensive praise of a Latino Border Patrol agent


08/20/18              NY Times            

Judge Weighs Suit Challenging Arrests of Married Immigrants


08/20/18              SLATE   

“This Case Is About a Lie” An ICE attorney forged a document to deport an immigrant. ICE didn’t care until the immigrant sued.


08/20/18              NY Times / Reuters        

U.S. Attorney General Issues Order to Speed Up Immigrant Deportations


08/19/18              Washington Post             

In horrifying detail, women accuse U.S. customs officers of invasive body searches


08/19/18              NY Times            

ICE Detained Man Who Was Driving His Pregnant Wife to a Hospital


08/19/18              Seattle Times    

Lawsuit filed in Seattle says ICE failed to disclose records, violated Freedom of Information Act


08/18                    Mother Jones             

Internal ICE Emails Show How the Government Set a Trap for Undocumented Spouses of US Citizens


08/17/18              Common Dreams            

As Corporate Media Has 'Moved On,' Just a Reminder That 565 Children Are Still Separated From Families ...


08/16/18              AFSC     

Trump’s attacks on the legal immigration system explained


08/15/18              San Diego Union Tribune            

CBP officer indicted on charge of strangling traveler at San Ysidro Port of Entry


08/15/18              Washington Post             

Citizenship service conspired with ICE to ‘trap’ immigrants at visa interviews, ACLU says


08/18              The Progressive               

The Wall at Home


08/13/18              NBC      

State probe of Virginia detention center says immigrant teens strapped down, but not abused


08/13/18              12NEWS              

Arizona's inspection of Southwest Key shelters could lead to oversight


08/13/18             Arizona Republic | Opinion

Gov. Ducey orders shelter inspections ... after the damage is done to children


08/11/18             POLITICO            

Traveling While Muslim: The Case of the Exploding Chocolate


08/11/13              Arizona Republic             

Keeping immigrant kids in cages wasn't just cruel. It's part of a larger plan


08/10/18              Democracy Now              

Trump Admin Has Still Not Reunited 559 Separated Children with Their Parents


08/18      The Atlantic    

How Trump Radicalized ICE


08/10/18          NY times / The Associated Press      

Texas Lockup Is Epicenter of Family Immigration Detention


08/09/18        Pacific Standard        



08/09/18          Washington Post        

Three reasons Trump’s new immigration rule should make your blood boil


08/09/18          ACLU            

'Turn the Plane Around': Government Wrongfully Deports Asylum Seekers


08/09/18          NY Times       

I Don't Understand Why People in This Country Hate Us So Much


08/09/18          Washington Post        

‘I want to die’: Was a 5-year-old drugged after being separated from his dad at the border?


08/08/18          Reveal News             

Federal agency sent immigrant kids to dangerous youth facility, despite warning signs


08/07/18          Democracy Now         

Activists Nationwide Aim to Disrupt GEO Group Today for Profiting Off Jailing & Separating Families


08/07/18          MSNBC          

Trump administration planning policy to limit legal immigration


08/06/18          Washington Post         

This veteran supported Trump.  Until Trump deported his wife.


08/06/18          SLATE            

Man Detained by ICE Claims He Went Blind in One Eye After an Agent Didn’t Believe He Had Diabetes


08/06/18              Arizona Republic –

'Horrific' sexual abuse allegations prompt question: Who keeps migrant children safe?



NY Times – The Power of ‘Abolish ICE’


08/05/18              Holy Cross Catholic Church - Bishop Nevares spells out the Catholic Principles of Migration

   Iglesia Católica de La Santa Cruz – El Obispo Nevares deja muy claros los principios católicos acerca de migración


08/04/18             NY Times  

Why the Government Wants to Know Your Citizenship Status


08/03/18              Democracy Now

 Mexican Journalist Emilio Gutiérrez Soto, Freed from Detention, Denounces ICE “Concentration Camps”


08/02/18              PBS 

 How Trump’s Family Separation Policy Has Affected Parents


08/01/18              Uncage & Reunite Families

Deadline Not Met


08/01/18              Associated Press / NY Times 

 Advocates Say Immigrant Child Died After Leaving ICE Custody


08/01/18              NY Times 

Judge Calls ‘Zero Tolerance’ Immigration Policy ‘Cruel’


08/01/18              12 News 

Phoenix – Immigrant center worker accused of sexually assaulting a teenage girl


08/01/18              USA Today 

Federal appeals court rules Trump sanctuary city order unconstitutional




07/31/18              ACLU – At US Ports of Entry, the Government is Denying Asylum to Those Seeking Refuge


07/31/18              Washington Post - Trump administration must stop giving psychotropic drugs to migrant children without consent, judge rules


07/31/18              PBS – Separated: Children at the Border


07/31/18              Arizona Republic - Separated girl abused in shelter … while we moved on


07/30/18              NY Times – More Cities and States Should Divest from Private Prisons


07/29/18              NPR – Moved by the Family Separation Crisis, Volunteers Step Up to Help in Reunification


07/28/18              Washington Post - ‘Deleted’ families: What went wrong with Trump’s family-separation effort


07/27/18              Democracy Now - “Brutal and Sadistic”: Noam Chomsky on Family Separation & the U.S. Roots of Today’s Refugee Crisis


07/27/18              The Nation - A 6-Year-Old Girl Was Sexually Abused in an Immigrant-Detention Center


07/27/18              NPR - Judge to Appoint Special Monitor to Oversee Detention Facilities


07/27/17              NY Times - ‘Why Did You Leave Me?’ The Migrant Children Left Behind as Parents Are Deported


07/26/18              Democracy Now – Despite Today’s Court-Ordered Deadline, More Than 900 Migrant Children Remain Separated from Parents


07/26/18              NPR - Under Deadline, Government Scrambles To Reunite Migrant Families


07/26/18              NY Times – Microsoft Employees Question C.E.O. Over Company’s Contract With ICE


07/26/18              POLITICO – No choice for deported migrant parents




07/26/18              CNN – The US must reunite separated Families by today – but over 900 probably won’t be reunited.


07/26/18              NY Times – Federal Authorities Say They Have Met Deadline to Reunite Migrant Families


07/26/18              Washington Post - Hundreds of migrant children remain in custody, though most separated families are reunited at court deadline


07/25/18              KJZZ / FRONTERAS – Guatemalan Family Reunited in Arizona, Headed for Kentucky


07/25/18              REUTERS - Reunited family's next challenge: fighting for U.S. asylum


07/24/18              MSNBC – Trump administration faces family reunification deadline on Thursday


07/24/18              NY Times - More Than 450 Migrant Parents May Have Been Deported Without Their Children


07/24/18              AZFAMILY – Arizona’s Family goes inside immigration court for kids


07/23/18              The New Yorker – AS the U.S. Shuts Its Doors, Migrants at the Mexican Border Continue to Hope


07/23/18              NY Times – Opinion | Trumps New Target in the Politics of Fear: Citizenship


07/22/18              FAIR       Key Fact Obscured in Immigration Coverage: MS-13 Was Made in USA


07/21/18              NY Times / AP – ‘Suffering' Ends with Honduran Baby Back in Parents' Arms


07/20/18              CNN – Trump’s immigration policies were supposed to make the border safer. Experts say the opposite is happening.


07/20/18              Democracy Now               Psychologists: Migrant Parents Reunited with Detained Children Must Brace for Trauma & Long Recovery


07/20/18              THV11 - Texas Rep. Joaquin Castro seeks information about immigrant suicide reports


07/20/18              The New Yorker - Immigrant Parents Face a Dilemma: Will Making an Asylum Claim Make it Harder to Reunite with Their Kids?


07/19/18              The Hill – With new immigration policy, Trump administration gutting the right to asylum


07/19/18              COLORLINES –  'Terrorized': Report Details Conditions at Child Detention Centers


07/19/18              Arizona Republic – Federal contractor operating second unlicensed facility for immigrant kids in Phoenix


07/18/18              The Hill – House bill offers $5B for Trump border wall, security


07/18/18              NY Times – Closed for Business:  Trump Administration Moves to Shrink Grounds for Asylum


07/18/18              The Nation – ‘What Happened to My Daughter?  Who Had Her?’


07/17/18              NM Political Report - Legislators hold hearing, hear public comments on private prisons that hold immigrants


07/17/18              NY Times – Immigrant Children Describe Hunger and Cold in Detention


07/15/18              NY Times  - Cleaning Toilets, Following Rules: A Migrant Child’s Days in Detention


07/13/18              NY Times – ‘It’s Like Each Day is a Year’:  A migrant Mother’s Wait for a Reunion


07/13/18              NY Times - When America Incarcerated My Family


07/12/18              Arizona Republic – Contractor admits to holding kids overnight at unlicensed facility in Phoenix


07/12/18              LA Times - What it took to reunite one immigrant family separated under U.S. 'zero tolerance' policy


07/11/18              CNN – Migrants describe hunger and solitary confinement at for-profit detention center


07/11/18              NPR / KJZZ - 'Bisbee ’17:' New Film Reenacts The 1917 Bisbee Deportation


07/11/2018         U.S. House of Representatives – Committee on Appropriations – Press Release

Appropriations Committee Approves the Fiscal Year 2019 Labor, Health and Human Services, Education Funding Bill


07/10/18              New York (magazine) - Team Trump Planning on Surge in Detention of Immigrant Minors


07/10/18              ACLU (blog) - Family Separation in Court: What You Need to Know


07/07/18              AZ Republic - A Guatemalan mother is driving from the border to New York to find her separated children


07/06/18              PBS News Hour - Deadline to reunite immigrant families rapidly approaching


07/05/18              CNN - DNA tests are in the works for separated migrant children and parents


07/05/18              PBS News Hour – ‘My son is not the same’: New testimony paints bleak picture of family separation


07/03/18              PBS News Hour – The ordeal of navigation migrant-family reunification in one toddler’s story


07/02/18             NY Times Magazine – Can the A.C.L.U. Become the N.R.A. for the Left?


07/01/18              NY Times – Sponsors of Migrant Children Face Steep Transport Fees and Red Tape



06/30/18              NY Times – Protests Across U.S. Call for End to Migrant Family Separations


06/29/18             Washington Post – Why are so many children coming to the U.S. from Central America in the first place?


06/27/18              USA Today - Timeline: Immigrant children separated from families at the border


06/26/18              Snopes - HHS: Reunification of Migrant Children With Detained Parents Will Mean Prolonged Child Detention


06/23/18          NPR    A Former Immigration Judge on the Current Situation


06/23/18          NPR    Representing Detained Migrants


06/21/18              Time - Why Thousands of Refugees Will Keep Coming to America Despite Trump’s Crackdown


06/21/18              New York (mag) - We Owe Central American Migrants Much More Than This


06/21/18              Time - Ex-ICE Director: The Trump Administration’s Zero-Tolerance Immigration Policy Is a Costly Distraction


06/19/18              CNN - More than 600 members of Jeff Sessions' church just charged him with violating church rules


06/18/18              NY Times - A Troubling Prognosis for Migrant Children in Detention: ‘The Earlier They’re Out, the Better’

06/18/18              ProPublica - Listen to Children Who’ve Just Been Separated from Their Parents at the Border


06/16/18              NY Times – How Trump Came to Enforce a Practice of Separating Migrant Families


06/15/18              American Public Health Association (Press Release) - Separating parents and children at US border is inhumane and sets the stage for a public health crisis


06/14/18              PBS News Hour - How Trump’s family separation policy became what it is today


06/08/18              Time - As Immigration Facilities Fill Up, Detainees Are Being Transferred to Federal Prisons


06/03/18             CBS News - Sen. Jeff Merkley Says images of migrant processing center are “seared” in his mind


06/01/18              American Progress - They Are (Still) Refugees: People Continue to Flee Violence in Latin American Countries



05/31/18              ACLU -  CBP Fails to Discredit Our Report on Abuse of Immigrant Kids


05/01/18              Time – Central American Migrants Who Reached the Border by Caravan Have Started Seeing U.S. Asylum



04/26/18             NY Times - Federal Agencies Lost Track of Nearly 1,500 Migrant Children Placed With Sponsors




03/21/18              ACLU (blog) - Reuniting a Mother and Child Torn Apart by ICE




03/19/18              ACLU (blog) - The Trump Administration’s Multi-Pronged Assault on Immigrants’ Rights


03/15/18              The Nation – For Trump, Cruelty is the Point


03/15/18              ACLU (blog) – ICE is Illegally Imprisoning Asylum Seekers


03/09/18              ACLU (blog) – ICE Cruelty Knows No Bounds


03/06/18              ACLU (blog) – This is What Immigration Enforcement Looks Like Under President Trump


03/02/18              NBC News - Trump immigration policies stress out parents and kids alike


03/01/18              Eloy Enterprise 

Audit: Eloy is unnecessary 'middleman' for ICE



02/13/18              ACLU (blog) – Your Rights in the Border Zone


02/08/18              ACLU (blog) – Mother of Two Goes to Immigration Interview and Ends Up in ICE Detention



01/16/18              Casa Grande Dispatch   

Immigration detention deaths reach the highest total since 2009


01/12/18              Arizona Republic 

Tempe to vote on anti-border wall resolution, joining other Arizona cities in opposition


2014 - 2017 News Stories


12/21/17              NY Times - Trump Administration Considers Separating Families to Combat Illegal Immigration


12/15/17              ACLU (blog) - Watchdog Agency Issues Report on ICE Abuse as Agency Seeks to Acquire New Detention Centers


08/03/17              Washington Post - Trump, GOP senators introduce bill to slash legal immigration levels




10/28/14              NPR        How Will a Small Town in Arizona Manage an ICE Facility in Texas?