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Ms. L v. ICE – No Deportations for Week

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SAN DIEGO – A federal judge in San Diego Monday issued an order barring the federal government from deporting newly reunited immigrant families for up to one week, with the American Civil Liberties Union raising fears of mass deportations of border crossers who had been separated from their children. U.S. District Judge Dana Sabraw agreed […]

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An American Story

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  My beautiful, precious granddaughter was born on Tuesday July 3, 2018.  As I held the sweet, soft, half-Mexican bundle, I thought, “What would I do if officers wearing handcuffs and guns, yelling at me in a strange language, tried to pry her away from me?  What would they do to her?  Who would love […]

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American, Proud to Be?

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Oh, say can you see… the destruction of daily life in America? This 4th of July I had a hard time celebrating as a proud American.  Simply due to the birth place on my birth certificate, I am a white privileged citizen living in a white privileged community with white privileged neighbors while caged children […]