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America has become a country I don’t recognize.

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When the zero-tolerance policy was instituted, 2,400 children were ripped from their parents, and where were they taken? They were turned over to U.S. Health and Human Services Department; a department that was totally blind sided by this policy and not prepared to handle this amount of children.  So where were these children placed?  They were sent to […]

You Think You've Heard it All...

Reports of Immigrant Children Abuse are Nationwide.

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Reports state that Heartland Alliance Human Care, Illinois’ largest caretaker of immigrant minors detained after crossing into the United States, has faced increased scrutiny in recent weeks after it began housing children who were forcibly separated from their parents under the Trump administration’s zero tolerance crackdown. Since fiscal year 2015, Heartland has received more federal […]

Still Waiting...

Deadline Not Met

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Although the Trump Administration claims they met the court’s deadline to reunite children with their parents, that is not the case, according to an ACLU Civil Rights Lawyer.  Per the Trump Administration, 1,820 children have been reunited with their parents, and 650 are “ineligible.”  Of the 650, 400 are deemed ineligible because the parents were […]